We Believe In Sharing Knowledge

We build Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for present industry applications to solve problems in, design, production, quality inspection, servicing, training and sales of products. We do this in extremely practical and user-friendly manner and integrate our solutions with companies existing process


Many organizations are it big or small are thinking of leveraging Virtual Reality and Augmented reality technology in their organizations. We conduct demonstrations, presentations and brief about different avenues where AR / VR is been used and present case studies around who it can be utilized in their industry vertical. Typically this is more than a pitch presentation and lasts around 2-3 hours.


We have conducted day-long knowledge sharing sessions in few of the top fortune 100 companies. We have helped innovation and leadership team understand the potential of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and how it can bring in transformation in their business. In this session we just don't about use cases but, also go a little deeper into technologies, integrations. We try to present how AR / VR can benefit in terms of cost saving or revenue generation. This is generally a day-long session, with quick exercises in between.


Our team comprises of experienced researchers, designers, and technologist with a strong background in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. We can help conduct joint ideation and brainstorming sessions to come up with solutions on how we can solve problems in identified avenues/areas through AR / VR technology. By the end of this 1 or 2-day session, we will come up with concepts which can be taken up to next level solving problems in your organization.


We work with top manufacturing and IT / Consulting brands to develop pilot projects in identified areas for AR and VR implementations. We help in conceptualizing solution for problem identified right from choosing correct technology, platform to UX and develop a near deployable product look and feel. This help management convince their leadership team to do further investments in AR / VR technology which will bring a drastic difference in the current process of organization.