Clean Energy

Would you send your newly recruits for training at actual Wind mill? Your answer would be post some basic training new recruits will have to be sent. But, now there is opportunity which VR presentes to simulates exact spatial experience of Wind Mill right at your training center itself

Not only for the wind energy sector, but other cleantech domains as well can leverage Virtual Reality and Augmented reality in several ways. Currently, Virtual Reality applications are being explored as the perfect platform to create much-needed awareness and education for the cleantech sector.

  • Virtual Reality based training is one of key area where its benefiting Energy Sector, especially trainings which are related to site simulations like Windmills, Solar Powerstation, Larger Turbines, etc
  • Augmented Reality along with Virtual Reality is used for remote maintenance and troubleshoots through assistance to technicians
  • Virtual reality is used in safety and deployment trainings for technicians working in high risk environments, say at heights or at high voltages electrified locations
  • Evacuations and Emergency training is another key application if virtual reality which can save lives due to preparedness and save billions of dollars

Due to developments in immersive interactive technologies, virtual reality is no longer the domain of high end gaming companies or billion dollar budget Hollywood films. Today, this technology can be used to make people learn and understand solar power plants or energy efficiency or water pollution in ways that are super-powerful and could not have been imagined even just three years back.