Automotive industry presents enormous possibilities of enhancing its processes from initial design to production and assembly, through marketing and sales, and eventually in use on the road, these can be made efficient, improved and made much more safe through virtual reality and augmented reality.

InfiVR platform enables use of virtual reality and augmented reality for these kind of process, few leading automakers are taking advantage of InfiVR Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for few of cases:

  • Collaborative designing and modelling of vehicles using virtual reality
  • Virtual reality based customer feedback and design reviews or new vehicle designs
  • Assembly line production aid using augmented reality technologies enabled through head gears like HoloLens
  • Quality inspection using augmented reality, ensuring each and every checkpoint is reviewed
  • Virtual reality based simulators for training of various assembly line processes
  • Safety Training through experience using Virtual Reality
  • Enhancing marketing experience by creating Virtual Automotive Dealerships using Virtual Reality
  • Improving Sales experience through assistive tools for Sales Executives using Augmented Reality

Infi AR VR Plat presents the power of augmented reality and virtual reality in the hands of automotive associates, engineers, designers, and assembly line workers.