Surgeons have been using microscope and high resolution cameras for performing surgeries precisely. There always has been a need of better visual information apart from sophisticated equipment. This gap could be filled using AR, also it can be combined with audio instructions for the computers to generate the visuals on your screen as and when required

  • Virtual Reality is used for paramedic emergency training trauma situation simulation
  • AR based assistance in surgery for guidance in operating sections on human body
  • AR based assistance for surgeons and their assistance staff for use of correct surgery instruments
  • Virtual Reality based human anatomy study and dissection experiments
  • Virtual Reality based tool for marketing healthcare facility by hospitals
  • Virtual reality is used by many hospitals to better and lively experience to their patients of some fantasy world which they like as a change from drab medical environment
  • Virtual reality used to overcome various phobias by hospitals for recovering patients from trauma; like fear of height, public spaces, etc
  • Virtual reality is used by pediatricians while giving injections to infant and small kids, and include VR content as part of their game play

VR could be used for educating and training the medical students as well. Through VR they will be able to learn about the parts which were earlier not easy to reach out to. Also, they don’t have to operate on the real subject to get an exposure. With the help of internet remote surgeries is already possible but with the advent of AR the surgeons would be able to see the subject in a much better way. Complex Surgeries such as neuro surgeries would see a major relief through AR/VR.