Pharmaceutical industries brings a large scope of indulging into solutions like AR/VR. The AR technology could very well be used for guiding the operators in the manufacturing plant about the quality and quantity of the drugs being used, thus reducing the chances of errors.

Our AR/VR could be used to educate the customer/user on how to use a specific equipment or instrument at home or clinics. Say for example- blood testing equipment, self-injecting pens.etc. The VR technology could be helpful in training the workers on operations of machineries as well especially with a large production line. Few of the specific avenues where AR / VR can be used are:

  • Table press training and other equipment handling training
  • Pathology laboratory tests performance training
  • Safety measure training for lab environment and equipments
  • AR based machine troubleshooting and assessment
  • AR based warehousing and logistics maintenance
  • Enhances sales tool using virtual reality for sales executives due to its large and complex nature of products

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is used in research and testing of drugs. The scientists and biologists could be trained on how to test the drugs on animals, reducing the number of cuts, failures, errors and most importantly the number of animals required. Thus saving time, and money on researches.