Want To Be Part Of Something Awesome

We have just begun our journey to build products that will change the way people will work in the future. We believe we can enhance people's abilities to perform their work using immersive technologies and making it safe


If you are passionate of emerging technologies and want to work on its application or take up the challenge of marketing it. If you get a kick from evangelizing technology to companies and sell it by figuring out how it can be applied to their process. We would love to have coffee with you.


If rockstar designer in you is looking for a greater challenge of completely designing a new age immersive technology. If you can really observe users and make these new edge technologies and its complex applications extremely simple for end users. We would like to invite you for an interesting brainstorming session.


If you can’t sleep without cracking an algorithm or till the time you have not written a code with which you are satisfied. If you are passionate about image processing, physics engine, machine learning or 3D graphics technologies we are waiting to hear from you. You would be inspired to see our hacks and meet up our team.


If futuristic interactive technology excites you and you would want to do research in this area, be it market, design or technology, we always have a cozy corner for you in our studio. We eagerly wait for people to figure us out and apply.