Aviation is one such sector where precision and accuracy matters a lot, and if not taken proper care of, might lead into severe casualties. Right from the ground staff, to the pilots and the ATC everyone plays a vital role in transportation through air. AR/ VR presents many opportunities which can benefit Aviation industry

  • In cabin virtual reality training for handling on flight situations
  • Virtual reality training for in cabin crew and pilots for building muscle memory on flight emergency situations
  • Virtual Reality training for ground crew for taxi parking and other guiding situations
  • Augmented reality based aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting tool for ground crew
  • In flight entertainment system for customer during flight using virtual reality
  • Virtual reality based upselling tools for on ground crew to make customer experience services of business class seats
  • Virtual reality is leveraged by aviation companies to treat their passengers who face flying phobias
  • Augmented reality is used by civil aviation pilots to give overlaid information which help is assistance of critical tasks like landing and take off

The interactive technologies such as AR/VR can help save cost and time in training. Also the trainee doesn’t need to be in the field with actual aircraft and real equipment. This prevents the blocking time and cost. This becomes even more important when the risk and cost involved are extremely high. Most of the operations could be regenerated in a virtual environment and simulated.