Defense & Security

For a sector of national importance, technology always have been instrumental AR/ VR presents opportunity for soldiers to have an edge with quick access to information and with ease, with the advancement of technology, soldiers have already been supplied with crucial information, that can help them creating a tactical plan. At same time these technologies present them opportunity to be well versed and experience using real war time simulations which are very close to reality

  • Virtual Reality is used for flight simulation
  • Virtual Reality is used for medic training and battlefield situation
  • Virtual Reality is used to battlefield simulation for Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines
  • For Virtual boot Camp experience and simulation
  • Virtual Reality is used in heavy battlefield vehicle simulation
  • Virtual Reality is used by security and safety simulation for airport staff and security personnel in crises management situations
  • Virtual reality is used by defense, para defense and other organisations for disaster management and crises simulation training
  • Virtual Reality is used for security training of simulated low, medium and highly risk level scenarios of high sensitive zones like embassies, tourist monuments, prominent buildings like parliaments, IT and SEZ industry areas, busy airports, etc

AR / VR can help defence in a lot of ways. Through AR they can be fed with real time information about their position, opponents position, maps, escape routes, temperature of the surroundings, climate, visibility. etc. AR could help locating the targets which may not be visible through naked eyes. The screen could be connected with the base command center from where updates could be shared with the soldiers on field, saving their lives and their countries too.